Modified Oasis Maze


Modified Visual Cue Y Maze

Sociability Chamber Optogenetics Modification

Elevated T-Maze represents a model of anxiety that can discern between panic disorder and general anxiety disorder

Elevated T Maze

Dry Morris Water Maze

Zebrafish Y-Maze is an adaptation of the rodent Y-Maze

Zebrafish Y Maze Flow Modification

Radial Arm Number Variants

Radial Arm Length Variants

Morris Water Maze T insert

Morris Water T Maze Insert

Mazeengineers modification of the Y maze includes two removable rectangular wire grid cages for social interaction

Social Y Maze

Elevated Asymmetric Plus maze is an apparatus first described by Ruarte et al (1997) as a method to encourage explorative behavior in the rat

Elevated Asymmetric Plus Maze

Two problem T maze used by Granon et al (1994) in working memory investigations

Two Problem T Maze

Mirror Chamber Version 2

Delayed Matching to Place (DMP) Barnes Maze

Escape Hole Radial Arm Maze

Controlled Y Maze

Controlled Y Maze

Randomized Barnes

Morris Water Plus Maze Insert

Morris Water Y Maze

Morris Water Maze Release Device

Morris Water Maze Release Device

Forced Swim Tail Suspension Combination

Forced Swim Tail Suspension Combination

MWM Open Field Tower by Maze Engineers

MWM Open Field Tower

Continuous Angled T Maze

Continuous Angled T Maze

Morris Water Straight Swim Channel

Morris Water Straight Swim Channel

Morris Water Snowcone

Morris Water Radial Tread

Rondi Reig Star Maze

3D Radial Arm Maze

Resident Intruder Optogenetics

Resident Intruder Optogenetics modification

Morris Water Spatial Beacons