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Diseases outside of the nervous system are also known to be able to affect behavior and cognition. Thus, a large area of neuroscience behavioral research utilizes non-neurological disease models. Here, we cover the various non-neurological diseases and give details on how exactly they affect behavior and how that’s objectively established through behavioral testing. 

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  • Neurological Disease Models: Browse through the various rodent models which are specifically used to model neurological diseases. Featured topics range from seizures to PTSD to depression.
  • Animal Models: See how different types of animals, like sheep and pigs, are used in animal research and what they can teach us about behavioral neuroscience.  
  • Nutrition and Drugs: Browse through our growing catalog of nutrition and drugs where we explore the relationship between them and behavior. We also cover how different mazes are used to assess behavioral changes that occur as a result of nutrition or drug treatment. 

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