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Our distributed manufacturing centers span across the United States and Europe, and we have a strong preference for working with smaller manufacturers that pay attention to the quality and care of each manufactured product. Each factory is expected to meet key manufacturing goals including fresh sheet acrylic laser cutting with subsequent manual fabrication. Daily production goals at each site is minimized in order to properly distribute effort and time into the proper creation of each maze.

We work with the client (you) to make sure the maze is at the standards you need for your data. We then plan, draw, and customize any aspect of the maze that needs modification. This is the start of our manufacturing process

Our fabrication process involves a mix of both laser precision cuts based on the plans drawn up with the client and our scientists, and hand crafting wherever is needed. This often includes small parts, doors, fixtures, and other mobile aspects of the maze.

Our mazes undergo a period of meaningful use testing, including stress testing to meet our acceptability standards. All our mazes have been designed with real neuroscience in mind. This way, when we ship the maze, we know that you’ll be receiving a great product that will collect valid data. If you ever have any problems in shipment, we’ll cover you. If you have a problem in the first year, we’ll cover you. That is part of our manufacturing guarantee.

After this period of meaningful use testing, we package the maze, and ship it to your door. We work with individual scientists, private pharmaceutical clients, and other scientific firms. If you’d like to learn more, chat, or just sa hello, please inquire below. We’ll give you a call.

Here’s where we make things, and yes, occasionally break things. Our laboratory is almost 3000 square feet of rowdiness. Automation is primarily our focus here, we occasionally spend time with coffee. That maze you see is a dummy maze where we can try integrating automation!

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