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University or Academic Groups

 Behavior Core/Bulk Purchase Discounts: We offer discounts for bulk purchases to help set up shared behavioral equipment.

 Group Exclusivity Discount: We offer discounts for all members of a group on a per year basis. Purchase over time, with discounts.

 Custom design, extended support available for both programs. All discounts calculated by expected volume.

Private Enterprise Exclusivity

We highly value partnerships with private pharmaceutical or neuroscience companies

targeted mazes and equipment help identify subtle benefits of therapeutics that would otherwise be lost

Please inquire for more information about your needs. Service is our priority.

Military Discounts

Additional discount available for Military customers

Developmental Partnerships

 Speculative, innovative and high risk projects are very welcome.

Developmental cycle averages about 10-12 months. This program generates significant cost savings for your laboratory.

Please send us your  ideas. We’d love to partner with you.

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