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Virtual Reality Mazes


Virtual Stereosonic Task Apparatus

Navigation-based assay that allows the evaluation of Sensory Substitution Devices.

Virtual Kite Arena Maze

Translates rodent-based kite arena assays for human application eliminating the limitations of animal models


Hebb Williams VR

Involves participants navigating through the virtual environment at a constant velocity

Closed Room Virtual Reality Environment

Use the benefits of the modifiable Environment that can be filled with furniture and other objects.

empty apartment environment is modifiable and comes modifiable for placement of furniture

Apartment Virtual Reality Environment

Modifiable for placement of furniture, transforming the area into a living or working environment for your subjects.

City environment is modifiable and comes with an open world in which spatial landmarks can be placed including various objects such as balls, airplanes, cars

City Virtual Reality Environment

Ideal for navigation experiments as multiple pathways, streets can be executed by the subject.

Grassy Field Virtual Reality Environment

Perceive all advantages of our modifiable Environment that can be filled up with various spatial landmarks.

Maze Engineers Virtual T Maze

Virtual T Maze

The virtual T-Maze is a tool to study spatial learning and memory. Conduct your tests effectively using the combination of real-world and virtual elements.

Virtual Radial Arm Maze

The Virtual Radial Arm Maze is an ideal method to assess the ability of rodents to remember and process the information.

Virtual Elevated Plus Maze

Virtual Elevated Plus Maze

The Virtual Elevated Plus Maze can be used to study anxiety-related behaviors and navigational strategies of rodents.

Virtual Morris Water Maze

Commonly used task for the effective assessment of spatial learning in rodents utilizing their fear of drowning.

Unlock Virtual Reality for Scientific Experiments

Simian Virtual Reality is a web-based publisher for scientific experiments. Your experiment is built for you, the data is generated and outputted to you in easy to publish formats.

Simple, Easy, and Flexible

Isolate Variables

Variable Who: Subjects can interact with researcher, other participants, and control how the interaction between participants occur

Variable What: Your standard experiment package comes with 10 object items from our vast library to insert into your experiment. Signage, interactive objects, and more.

Variable When: Manipulate Zeitgebers, dilate time, reverse time

Variable Where: Library of environments at your disposal

Variable: Why: Multiple options for reward, punishment

Variable How: Limit key actions such as jumping/walking/running/swimming and other key motion interactions


Manipulate social


Our object library allows for novel object recognition, placeholding, signage, and more unique experiments


Manipulate zeitgebers


Environmental library for multiple scenarios. City/landscape/mountain/air/sea


Rewards and punishments at key triggers


limit key actions such as jumping/walking/vision/swimming/senses

Ease of Use

Flexibility for your scientific needs

Easy customization and start screen allows you to deliver the mazes you need to your customers offline, online, wherever they may be.

Multiple Experiments

Manage a host of experiments, multiple mazes and multiple data streams

A wide selection of mazes at your disposal so that you can test multiple modalities of behavior in your subjects easily.

Multiple Experiments

Manage a host of experiments, multiple mazes and multiple data streams

A wide selection of mazes at your disposal so that you can test multiple modalities of behavior in your subjects easily.

User Experience

Our combination of the physical world with virtual reality creates a completely unique environment for research and study.

Our Virtual Reality Solutions features high definition, attention to detail, creating an environment that blends physical and virtual space.

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Gear VR




Oculus Rift

Oculus VR

Windows 10



Configure your Experiment Online

All configurations work as a drag and drop so your experiment is easy to configure, change, and collect data easily

Multivariable Isolation

Isolate Who, What, When, Where, Why & How. Simian VR is VR for scientists to experiment.

Collect Data

Pathway views, raw data, and first person views all for review

Raw Data

Pathway Data


Social Interactions

Researcher Manipulations

Tele research

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