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Have you ever wondered where behavior is located in the brain? Can behavior be localized to specific regions? It’s more complicated than a simple yes or no answer! Behavior is entangled in the brain. In many cases, different areas and regions of the brain affect a single behavior. 

In this section, we will dive deep into the relationship between certain brain regions and observable behaviors. We will take a region of the brain and focus on everything that it does in terms of behavior, thinking, and cognition, as well as how testing is done. 

For more resources related to anatomy and behavior, check out the following pages we curate:

  • Maze Basics: Go through the different types of mazes used in behavioral research and learn how they are used for testing different aspects of rodent behavior. 
  • Complex Behaviors: Learn how more complex behaviors, one which involve high levels of cognition, are modeled in animals. Topics covered include: meditation, vacation, modeling adolescence in mice, modeling sleep deprivation, etc..
  • Behavioral Questions: Browse through commonly encountered issues that researchers face during behavioral research. We answer questions neuroscientists may have on topics such as handling, animal care, housing, and more. 
  • Mouse Ethogram: A comprehensive resource that lists detailed information profiling all known mouse behaviors, including information on pharmaceutical studies, disease models, and different mouse strains that display the behavior in focus.

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