The mirror chamber for rodents was originally described in the literature for evaluation of anxiety. This variant was published in 2010.  This mirror chamber apparatus consists of two open-top boxes constructed of black Acrylic. The larger box contained one wall lined with a mirror and four walls which are black. The inner surfaces of the five panels of the smaller box are lined with mirror panels and come together for an open mirrored area.

Price & Dimensions


$ 1590

Per Month
  • Small box Length: 28 cm
  • Small box width 28 cm
  • Small box height: 28 cm
  • Large box length: 38 cm
  • Large box width: 38 cm
  • Large box height: 29 cm


$ 1790

Per Month
  • Small box Length: 42 cm
  • Small box width 42 cm
  • Small box height: 42 cm
  • Large box length: 57 cm
  • Large box width: 57 cm
  • Large box height: 43.5 cm

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