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Looking to dive deeper into the mazes behind behavioral research? Browse through our easy-to-read introductory articles on the various mazes used for research. You’ll learn the basics behind the featured maze apparatus, what it tests, and the measurements it’s designed to acquire. 

You may also want to check out these related Maze Engineers content collections for more:

  • Strain Library: Browse through all the various mouse strains used in research and learn what is known about their genetics and how they are used in pharmaceutical studies. 
  • Mouse Ethogram: A comprehensive resource that lists detailed information profiling all known mouse behaviors, including information on pharmaceutical studies, disease models, and different mouse strains that display this behavior. 
  • Nutrition and Drugs: Browse through our growing catalog of nutrition and drugs where we explore the relationship between them and behavior. We also cover how different mazes are used to assess behavioral changes that occur as a result of nutrition or drug treatment. 

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