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Mazes + Classrooms

Your Classroom + MazeEngineers.

Let us help improve your classroom's educational experience. Our scientists, designers, and digital staff can help you create educational experiences about mazes and neuroscientific decision making.

Scientific Expertise

Our scientists (Primarily MD and PhD level) can help your museum create educational and interactive maze based classroom sessions. This includes researching, compiling and preparing teaching materials.

Our Science

Historical Expertise

MazeEngineers are experts at the history of mazes used in both science, literature, and throughout history as a symbol in human culture. We'd love to apply our expertise to your classroom. This is our mission.

Our Historical Work

Design and Production Expertise

We are experts in the design and production of mazes. We'd love to assist your school on mazes themed education & learning projects. Its our mission to help disseminate information about the function of mazes in science, medicine, and culture

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Education is a key part of the MazeEngineers mission and classrooms are a way to learn about the neuroscience of decision making.

Shuhan He MDFounder, MazeEngineers

Design a Mouse Maze in the Classroom

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