The 8 Arm Radial maze is an apparatus widely validated for spatial learning tasks. Using external cues outside of the maze, arms can be baited and the number of arm entries to collect all 8 rewards can be measured. Poor spatial working memory correlates well to increased return to arm choices and overall time to finish the task. The Maze Engineers automated 8 arm radial mazes create entirely automated environments to minimize anxiety and fear created by the human experimentor while collecting high volumes of data

  1. Description & Features
    1.1 Downwards Facing Doors
    1.2 ConductMaze Software
    1.3 Silent Mode
    1.4 Strength and Durability
    1.5 Optical Detection
    1.6 Multiple Colors
    1.7 Secure Lids
    1.8 Copper Shielding
  2. Integrations
    2.1 Lickometers
    2.2 Treadmills
    2.3 Feeders
    2.4 Living Environments
  3. Base Price
  4. Suggested Sizes

Description & Features

Downwards Facing Doors


ConductMaze Software


“Silent Mode”


Strength & Durability


Downwards directing doors is ideal for teathered experiments, and ensures animal safety

Our ConductMaze software allows for OpenAPI access, for quick and easy modifications and plugin creation to infinitely customize your maze. Each custom ordered maze comes with 1 free plugin creation

The maze functions with very little sound to minimize startle, anxiety, and maximum exploration within the maze

Complete trust in how long the maze will last–made of high quality, but also light weight aluminum with thick acrylic parts ensures both ideal animal environments and maximum strength for long lasting mazes

Optical Detection


24/7, 99.9% accurate optical detection with easy to configure actionable responses to movement

Multiple Colors Available


Suggested color choices include Blue, Grey, Black, White & Clear, but we can make it any color of the rainbow!

Secure lids


Lids can be configured to create safe, secure environments

Copper Shielding


Copper shielding allows for maximized data collection in electrophysiology experiments . Please inquire about this option.

Take advantage of Neuralynx, Ethovision Integration, SMS and Email integration with the Conductor Science Software. No I/O Boxes Required

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Integrated Lickometers


Integrated Lickometers allow for sucrose and reward preference tasks

Integrated Treadmills


Integrated treadmills allow for exercise, metabolic, and fatigue tasks

Integrated Feeders


Integrated feeders allow for pellet rewards and reward preference experiments

Integrated Housing Environments


Integrated living environments allow for long term experimental tasks

Base Prices


$ 9500

Per Maze
  •  Automated Doors (8)
  • 25 Zones or more detection
  • Can be Integrated with Video Tracking


$ 9900

Per Maze
  • Automated Doors (8)
  • 25 Zones or more detection
  • Can be Integrated with Video Tracking

Suggested Sizes

Mouse Automated 8 Arm Radial Size (CM)

  • Arm Length: 35
  • Arm Width: 5
  • Wall Height: 10

Rat Automated 8 Arm Radial Maze Size (CM)

  • Arm Length: 50
  • Arm Width: 10
  • Wall Height: 20

T, Y, + Maze Inserts


Layfield, D., Sidell, N., Abdullahi, A., Newman, E.L. (2020) Dorsal Hippocampus not always necessary in a radial arm maze delayed win-shift task. Hippocampus 30(2):121-129.  PMID: 31453652.

Qian, Z.J., Ricci, A.J. (2020) Effects of cochlear hair cell ablation on spatial learning/memory. Sci Rep 10, 20687