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Hen Y-Maze

The Hen Y-Maze is an adaptation of the conventional Y-Maze apparatus and is used in the investigation of choice behaviors of fowls.


Mate Choice Apparatus 2

The Mate Choice Apparatus 2 is the second of two apparati that was used to assess mating preferences in zebra finches. Learn more about it here.


Zebrafinch Two-Compartment Cage

Zebrafinch Two-Compartment Cage was used to assess behavioural responses to video playbacks by zebra finch males. Learn more about the cage and its uses.


Zebrafinch Testing Cage

The Zebrafinch Testing Cage aviary is divided into two virtual sections of equal size. learn more about the Zebrafinch Testing Cage and its specifications


Zebrafinch Chamber Maze

The Zebrafinch Chamber Maze was used to assess spatial memory and hippocampal function in a non-foodstoring songbird, the zebra finch. Learn more here.


Zebrafinch Day Escape Maze

The Zebrafinch Day Escape Maze was used to assess the effects of adrenergic antagonists on spatial memory in the zebra finch. Learn more here.


Magnetic Compass Bird Maze

The Magnetic Compass was used in a test to show that polarized light modulates light-dependent magnetic compass orientation in birds. Learn more here.

Hen T Maze

The Hens T maze was used in an experiment to assess spatial cognition and range use in hens.

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