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Drug discrimination test box

Drug Discrimination studies the stimulating properties of drugs.


U Shaped 2 Choice Field

The U Shaped 2 Choice Field was used in an experiment to read out behavioral states of sociability in rodents. Learn more about it here.


Linear Maze

The Linear Maze was used to explore the neural basis of local enhancement effect of social observation in obtaining useful knowledge in rats.

Water E maze is a novel paradigm used to evaluate empathy and social behavior in rodents

Water E Maze

The Water E Maze is an exceptional tool that is capable of measuring conspecific empathetic motivation in rodents.

Double T Maze

Double T Maze

Double T Maze is a very effective tool that consists of two T mazes with a start box and allows to conduct a wide range of tests.

Figure 8 Maze

Figure 8 Maze

Figure 8 Maze is a wildly used neurobehavioral test designed to carry out assessments of spatiotemporal learning and navigation abilities.



The sociobox consists of an acrylic apparatus with an outer ring of five rectangular removable boxes separated by fixed dividers surrounding a central open arena.

Marmosets should be housed in families with male/female pairs in cages with a dark nest-box hung in each cage

Marmoset Light Dark Box

Marmoset Light-Dark Box is a wildly-used reliable device for observing the light-dark preferences of the Marmoset primate.

Mazeengineers modification of the Y maze includes two removable rectangular wire grid cages for social interaction

Social Y Maze

Social Y-Maze is a straightforward and time-effective method for the evaluation of social interactions. It requires minimal training to perform the tests.

Stress Alternatives Model Maze

Stress Alternatives Model Maze

The Stress alternatives model maze is a widely used apparatus that is efficient in evaluation of the rodent’s behavior in stressful situations.

Mechanical Conflict Test

Mechanical Conflict Test

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