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Our Start

MazeEngineers (Maze Eng INC)  was founded in 2012 with the goal of radically transforming the economics, convenience, and scope of neurobehavioral testing in laboratory animals and humans. Today, we are one of the most unique startups in the neurorobotics industry.

MazeEngineers brings behavioral research to the forefront of innovation with cloud computing technologies, wireless systems, and automated data tracking technologies. As a US-based technology company, we serve the global neuroscience market with products and services that allow scientists and medical doctors to dedicate their efforts towards scientific progress than was ever previously imaginable.

Customer Commitment

We pride ourselves in being a service company and are committed to responding to the needs of our customers like you. Our products and services – along with all the processes and controls we have implemented – have been developed over time in close collaboration with our global customer base. It is this commitment to our customers like you that has allowed us to grow so rapidly.


MazeEngineers is providing neurobehavioral technology to automate research. Our behavioral mazes are integrated with living cages, metabolic environments, and various other 24/7 monitoring systems for high output data generation of mice in a natural setting, without stress and specifically for exacted testing. MazeEngineers develops applications for neurobehavior for all types of animals, and we specialize in customized jobs. Our customers include private and public universities, military, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and other researchers.

Our Quality

MazeEngineers products are created with the most advanced engineering tools in mind. We work with neuroscientists, electrical engineers, medical doctors, and computer scientists in house along side the best network of manufacturing suppliers to ensure the highest quality products at the lowest costs possible. We understand the pressures grants create and we have a commitment to ensuring the lowest cost possible for our equipment

Biological Sciences

Our biological scientists work tirelessly to ensure that the maze being constructed adheres to established scientific protocols. Factors such as odor cues, acrylic distractions, extramazal externalities, are all part of the calculus when creating a well-designed maze. This is also the team that will test the apparatus in our corporate laboratory to ensure adherence to scientific integrity prior to shipping.

Meaningful use testing

All of our products have on site manufacturing non destructive meaningful use testing. We have validated all of our standardized mazes with mouse and rodent distractibility  and odor cue removal

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