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Maze Basics
Mouse Ethogram
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Blog Categories

Animal Models

Behavioral neuroscience isn’t just about using rodents. Learn how other animal species are used for research here. 

Anatomy and Behaviors

Discover where behavior originates across the different brain anatomical structures.

Behavioral Questions

Commonly asked questions regarding animal testing, handling, and housing.

Complex Behaviors

Learn how different types of behavioral testing work.

Disease Models

Wonder how neurological diseases are modeled in rodents? We cover everything from PTSD to TBI to depression.

Mouse Ethogram

Browse the ethogram to see all the mouse behaviors and what they mean!

Maze Basics

Your go-to resource for learning all about rodent maze basics. 

Memory Dictionary

All-things memory. Learn about the neuroscience of memory! 

Non Neuro Disease Models

Explore how diseases outside of the nervous system are modeled. 

Nutrition and Drugs

This collection of articles discusses the effect of nutrition and drugs on behavior and neuroscience. 

Paper Mazes

How do humans solve mazes? What do mazes tell us about human cognition? It’s not a simple story!

Strain Library

Learn more about the different mouse strain and find detailed information on the major characteristics of each strain.

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