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PI's love Video Grading for Mice and Rats

    In one sentence, what is Maze Engineers?

    Maze Engineers makes meticulously designed neuroscientific mazes and robotics for creative scientists and their ideas.

    Why did you decide to start this company?

    We’re a small group of neuroscientists, designers, entrepreneurs, programmers that love examining how living things behave. We think it illuminates so much about the people around us, and about the mind. The digital age is fantastic—we love technology—but we’re of the belief that great science starts with data. We think technology can help scientists collect data in ways that have never been done before. And we’re setting out to find those ways.

    What kind of people use Maze Engineers products?

    Neuroscientists who have a protocol they want to ensure is followed, and scientists that try to use large data schemes for protocols that could never have existed 5 years ago. That’s what our goal is: big data—for neuroscience.

    I really love your company, how can I help?

    I really love your company, how can I help? There is one thing we need your help with: spreading the word. We want to provide you with well designed neuroscientific robotics and mazes, and in order to achieve this we need people to know that Maze Engineers exists! Here are a few things you can do to help ensure Maze Engineers will continue to be available: Like us on Facebook It may seem like a simple thing, but following us on Facebook allows you to see status updates, launch dates, new products, and more.  

    How do I clean the maze?

    We recommend a dilute suprahydrochlrous solution between every trial. Fill a spray canister with the solution, dab some paper towels in it, and clean away. All of our acrylic bases and robotics have been tested to withstand cleaning, and it will remove odorous cues in the maze.

    What if something breaks?

    If it breaks with normal wear and tear, send us an email at We’ll send replacement parts for free within the first year, and only for the cost of materials and shipping after that.

    How fast can I get my maze once I order?

    Because we custom produce every maze, we not only plan it, we also produce and test it. This takes about 3-5 weeks depending on the complexity. If you need it within 2 weeks, please let us know, as we do have a special fast track method that can get you within 10 days for an additional cost of $700.

    What does retrofitting mean?

    We take your old maze and equip automation into that maze, including IR detection systems, automated doors, and large data collection software.

    What kind of software automation do you do?

    We custom write the software so large amounts of data can be collected. You can leave the mouse/rat in the maze for weeks and they will continuously create data that can be collected with our software. Of course, this requires retrofitting the maze with hospitable living conditions, food/water apparatuses, and stimulating environments.

    Do you ship Internationally?

    Yes! We currently ship to the US, Canada, and across the world. Please contact us to ensure your maze can be delivered.

    Are MazeEngineers Products GLP Compliant?

    Yes! all of our equipment complies with Subpart D of the GLP act of 1978/revised 2014. [52 FR 33780, Sept. 4, 1987]. This means all our testing equipment can be safely used in your lab, and if you maintain it well, will be a part of your laboratory for years to come.
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