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Invertebrate Intelligence

Octopus Three-Chambered Social Apparatus

Octopus Three-Chambered Social Apparatus

Food Preference Test

The Food Preference Test is used to study food preference behaviors in octopuses. The test identifies an octopus’s food preferences and then analyzes whether it can locate its favorite food in five problem-solving tasks.

Cuttlefish T Maze is used to access spatial cognition in cuttlefish

Cuttlefish T-Maze

The Cuttlefish T Maze is used to access in spatial cognition in an invertebrate.

Octopus 3 choice Maze

The Octopus 3 choice Maze is used to assess learning in Octopus.

Octopus Round Arena

The Octopus Round Arena is used to assess conditional discrimination in Octopus.

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