The Maze Engineers automated pellet dispenser utilizes precise optical detection to measure licks with a pellet reward. Adjustable port can move up, down, left and right and locked into place at any point. Acrylic boxes, containers, and lids are built customized to your needs when you order.

The Conductor software allows for OpenAPI access, allowing for quick and easy modifications and plugin creation to infinitely add to any maze.

Easily customizable: Can be combined with any maze for brand new activity protocols and unique habitat enclosures. Many colors, sizes, and even multiple configurations of feeders available.


Pellet Dispensor

$ 1295

+ Shipping and Handling
  • Adjustable Delivery Amount
  • Reward Counting is done in software
  • Deliver yes/no during pellet retrieval programmable with Conductor Software

Maze Engineers Pellet Dispensers are a precision engineered apparatus with customization & behavior in mind. When you order, we create customized enclosures around the pellet dispensers, including color & size. The default pellet dispenser is adjustable in height and location so that you can change between trial runs. We can put these pellet dispensers into any sort of other maze, thus creating entirely unique environmental enrichment chambers. You can create extraordinarily unique experiments with this capability, so let your creativity fly!