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Modified Y Choice For Bees

The Modified Y Choice For Bees can be used to assess vision and orientation in bees. Learn more about it and how it is used here.

Mazeengineers offers the Honeybee Y maze

Honeybee Y maze

The Honeybee Y maze was used in an experiment to study learning and memory as it applies to transitive Inferences in honeybees.

Path Regularity Mazes are used to assess learning and memory in bees

Path Regularity Mazes

The Path Regularity Maze is used to assess learning and memory in bees.

Bumblebee Y-Maze

The Bumblebee Y-Maze is used to determine the relationship between eye optical quality and behavioural ability at target detection over a range of sizes of insects of the same species.

Bee Radial Arm

Collect more data with our innovative and precisely designed Bee Radial Arm Maze that was redesigned for the assessment of spatial working memory in bees.

Bee Reward Expectations Apparatus

This apparatus allows the researcher to pair sucrose (or other solutions) in an artificial flower patch to study reward expectations.

Bee Soccer

Try our Bee Soccer tool that includes Home, Corridor and Test arena and observe complex behaviour of the bumblebees.

Bee Spatial Reorientation test apparatus is helpful in evaluating the navigational and sensory mechanism adopted by invertebrates to reorient themselves

Bee Spatial Reorientation

Our Bee Spatial reorientation test is very useful in investigating the navigational mechanism of bumblebees and their ability to reorient.

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