The Rodent Rotometry Monitoring Device (Rotameter) collects data on the animal’s rotational behavior, including the direction, velocity, and duration of the rotational movements. The data may also include information on the animal’s body position and orientation within the enclosure, as well as any stimuli that may have been presented to the animal during the experiment. This data can be used to study a variety of behaviors, including those related to balance, coordination, and spatial orientation. It can provide valuable insights into the neurological and physiological mechanisms underlying these behaviors.

MazeEngineers offer the Rodent Rotometry Monitoring Device (Rotameter). Customizations are available upon request.


Maze Specifications
  • Clear or black acrylic cylinder and floor
  • Dimension for mice: 34 x 35 cm (diameter x height)
  • Dimensions for rats: 40 x 40 cm
  • Floor is removable for cleaning
  • The following data can be obtained using software
  • Parameter & results:
  • Total number of clockwise and counterclockwise rotations
  • Number of changes in direction
  • Maze, animal, and timing information
  • Statistical summary
  • Graphical display of the result
  • Data are saved in a computer and can be exported to a file
Rotary Sensor
  • One rotary sensor for each rotameter
  • The rodent that moves about in a special arena is tethered to a rotary sensor
  • The low-torque construction ensures that the rodent’s movement is not restricted in any way.
  • The sensor monitors clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations and records changes in directions.
Tether and Harness
  • Tether allows the rodent to move freely in the maze
  • Tether is made of stainless steel spring
  • Rodent harness of leather jacket
Estimated Delivery
  • Estimated delivery time is about 6-8 weeks
Control Box
  • The main controller connects to the PC via a USB (RS-232) cable and communicates with Maze Engineers Rotameter software on the PC
  • The main controller connects to all cage control boxes
  • Support up to eight rotameters

Price & Dimensions

Behavioral Rotameter System for Mice

$ 1990

  • Clear or black acrylic cylinder and floor
  • Cylinder Dimensions: 34 x 35 cm (diameter x height)
  • The floor is removable for cleaning

Behavioral Rotameter System for Rat

$ 2490

  • Clear or black acrylic cylinder and floor
  • Cylinder Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm (diameter x height)
  • The floor is removable for cleaning

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