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How to Calibrate and Measure Electrical Current

For many of the automated products Maze Engineers offers, shock delivery is required. Shocks are applied using shock grids. To measure the shock current, you will need to purchase a current meter. These meters can be bought easily on online marketplaces or we can supply one with your order. Below we outline how to measure the current of the shock grid of our products using a current meter.

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How to Measure Current

  1. Make sure all components are connected and powered on.
  2. Using our Conduct software interface (see below), set the shock level to 0.4mA and duration to max 180 seconds, then click “Start Shock”.

3.  Measure the current level:  Turn on a voltage meter as shown below. Set the mode to AC (there are AC and DC modes).
Some multimeters only have a DC mode.
4. Place point needles to adjacent grid bars and read the meter measurement (The error range should be within 0.1mA)

What to look for when buying a current meter

  • Ensure the current meter has an AC mode
  • We recommend that your meter can measure a range of 60A/600A. with an accuracy of ±(2.5%+5).

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