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Procurement and Customization with Maze Engineers

By July 11, 2023July 26th, 2023No Comments

Need help procuring an item? Let Maze Engineers do the work!

Each research field and study is different. At Maze Engineers, we understand the complexities and unique needs of our customers and are highly experienced in delivering apparatus and service needs to those within the scientific research sector.

For customers who require specialized apparatus or services, we offer three different procurement services:

  • Direct procurement: We source and deliver the product or service to you
  • Customization: We design and create your product or service in-house at Maze Engineers
  • Technology Transfer: If you have an idea for a product and need design, marketing, and product services, check our technology transfer services

Direct Procurement

Before you request a product or service procurement, check our our wide range of products and services:

  • For our neuroscience-related products see us at Maze Engineers under the red tab “Mazes”.
  • For our general lab products at ConductScience.
  • Our research-related services at ConductScience including web and app design, data analysis, and much more!

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Request our product procurement service or customization (see below)

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Request a customized service or apparatus.

Many of our customers require something unique and we can help build that for you at Maze Engineers. Many of our items are customizable in the following:

  • Specifications, such as dimensions, colors etc
  • Add-on accessories such as reward systems
  • Software: Our Conductor software (paired with our automated products) is highly customizable to parameters and other functions at the user’s request

See our citation list here for our published products, including our customized products

Conductor software

Take advantage of Neuralynx, Ethovision Integration, SMS and Email integration with the Conductor Science Software. No I/O Boxes Required

Learn More

Technology Transfer

Are you an academic scientist and creator?

Learn how your lab can tech transfer this and similar devices from your lab to industry.

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