Barnes Maze

Barnes Maze

Pasta Matrix Reaching Task

Parallel Beam Task

Circular Hole Board

Activity Hole Board

Pole Test

Maze Engineers automated Treadmill utilizes ultra quiet precision mechanical mechanisms

Rodent Metabolic Treadmill

Circular Open Field

Circular Open Field


Visual Cliff Apparatus


Sucrose Preference Test Apparatus

Motorized Running Wheel

Empathy Assay comes with two key components: A double chambered acrylic chamber with two foot shock controlled grids, each of which can be controlled independently with our free Conductor Software

Empathy Assay

Gait Test

Gait Test

Each colony in the Visual Burrow System is housed in a rectangular acrylic chamber

Visual Burrow System

Triple Horizontal Bars Maze Engineers

Triple Horizontal Bars

Static Rods Test

Parallel Bars task is used in measuring and determining motor capabilities

Parallel Bars

Maze Engineers Puzzle Box

Puzzle Box

Social Reward Chamber

Social Reward Chamber

modified beam walking apparatus

Modified Beam Walking Apparatus Sweiss et al. 2016

Attentional Set Shifting (IDED) Chamber

Visual cliff test is used for visualization of preceived barriers

Visual Cliff Test

Successive alleys test is a novel anxiety test that utilizes fear of open spaces as an assay

Successive Alleys

MazeEngineers social defeat apparatus comes with two social defeat cages, an arena, and a clear divider for use in the home cage

Social Defeat Apparatus

Tube Dominance Test

Skilled forelimb reaching task is a widely used motor assessment for mice and rats

Skilled Forelimb Test

The Horizontal Ladder test is a motor and coordination test for evaluating skilled walking for mice and rats

Horizontal Ladder

The geotaxis test is used to investigate motor coordination and vestibular sensitivity in rodents

Geotaxis Test

Maze Engineers learned helplessness apparatus is designed to maximize your time

Learned Helplessness

Rotarod is a widely used behavioral task to assess motor performance in rodents using the natural fear of falling as motivation