The Visual Cliff Apparatus was used by Rebeca Martín-Jiménez et al. (2018), to assess that reduction of the ATPase inhibitory factor 1 (IF1) leads to visual impairment in vertebrates.

A clear glass plate was set above the ground. A black-and-white checkerboard was placed at the center of the lower surface of the glass plate. The edge of the checkerboard represented the virtual “cliff”.

To test the visual activity of mice, each mouse was placed in the center of the checkerboard, and the time spent on the checkerboard without leaving its area was recorded.

Mazeengineers offers the Visual Cliff Apparatus.

Price & Dimensions


$ 1990

  • Length of glass plate: 60cm
  • Width of glass plate: 60cm
  • Height of glass plate from the ground: 1m
  • Length of checkerboard: 30cm
  • Width of checkerboard: 30cm


$ 2390

  • Length of glass plate: 79.8cm
  • Width of glass plate: 79.8cm
  • Height of glass plate from the ground: 1.33m
  • Length of checkerboard: 39.9cm
  • Width of checkerboard: 39.9

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