The Hebb Williams Maze VR experiment involves participants navigating through the virtual environment at a constant velocity of 12 km/hr (forward, backward) and a turn rate of 50 degrees per second (left, right) using a Logitech Attack 3 joystick.

Each maze was made up of a room, with an alcove at the entrance (start area) and exit (goal area) of the maze. Walls were created using textured rectangles that differed in color depending on the maze configuration. A different color was used for each maze configuration to indicate to participants that a new maze was being presented. The start alcove and the floors were textured with black and gray marble effect. Each wall of the goal alcove was white and contained the image of a comic book character to provide motivation and reward for the participants. The roof was textured using beige and brown mottled square tiles.

Mazeengineers offer the Hebb Williams VR.

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