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Things to remember while setting up your mouse experiment

By January 6, 2014January 11th, 2017No Comments
    1. Ordering mice: This can take months for certain genotypes, so prepare! Its often the case where some mice are actually stored via frozen embryos, so make sure this is done well ahead of time
    1. Shipping mice: there are no significant differences in shipped mice vs. those grown locally, even though you would think that the traumatic flight/transportation would increase anxiety behaviors! Theres plenty of evidence to show that it does not!
    2. Unpacking: make sure that when you unpack, you have a dirty room as well as a clean area, and to use two separate people to unpack this info
    3. Marking the mouse and housing: Ear punching is fine, but do make sure you enrich the cage and follow a strict light/dark cycle
    4. On your test day: keep in mind the experimenter effects, consistency, adequate rest periods and light cycle coordination (i.e. if the original experimenter did it at a certain time, you will have to as well!)
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