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Sophie's Mazes

An easy maze

Themed with DNA, the basics of life, this design should take an estimated 20 minutes of time

A great brain workout

Medium difficulty maze, based on a rodent maze theme. The estimated time for completion is 35 minutes. Use that time wisely, and exercise that brain!

Take the challenge

The hardest maze of our free set. Estimated time is approximately 45 minutes, and this maze will surely exercise your spatial navigation skills!

paper maze

The Science of Solving Mazes

Paper mazes have important cognitive effects on the human brain. Read our resources to see the science.

About the Author

Meet the author behind Sophie’s Mazes

Sophia Anastasia Chamitoff graduated as Valedictorian of Paraclete High School in 2017, and is now an honor-roll student at the University of San Diego. Having earned her black belt and instructed both adolescent and adult mixed martial arts classes, Ms. Chamitoff is a dedicated athlete. Her dedication and vision extend further than just her athletic abilities. Ms. Chamitoff has since become a serial entrepreneur and artist. Ms. Chamitoff started her first company, “Chamitography” at the age of 16; Chamitography is a content creation and photography company, with a team that successfully services clients across Southern California. Her real-estate and property management app, “REzen,” is set to launch on both Apple iOS and Android app stores on July 1, 2020. With the goal of “Bringing real ‘zen’ to Real Estate,” her fintech platform is integrated with discovery, joint collaboration, and payment processing features to allow for easy connection, collaboration, and incorporation of property owners’ properties, property managers/real estate professionals, and third-party service providers; “REzen” is a one-stop-shop for any and all property management needs. Ms. Chamitoff’s most recent entrepreneurial endeavor is her maze-drawing collaboration with serial entrepreneur and Harvard doctor, Dr. Shuhan He. Together, Ms. Chamitoff and Dr. Shuhan He are collaborating on an exciting new project where Ms. Chamitoff’s hand-drawn, solve-able mazes will be backed by the credible research and science of Dr. Shuhan He.Sophia Anastasia Chamitoff lives in San Diego, CA, and she expected to graduate with a Communications degree from the University of San Diego in 2021. Her vision is to continue innovating, pursuing, and scaling her current and future businesses and projects so as to solve adaptive challenges within society.

“I want to continue innovating, pursuing, and scaling my current and future businesses and projects so as to solve adaptive challenges within society.”

Sophia ChamitoffMazeEnginers x @Amazemesophie
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