Rodent Open Topped Apparatus

Sleep Deprivation Chamber

Neuwirth Hole Board Test™

Chronic Social Defeat Stress Test

Chronic Social Defeat Stress Test

The sentinel use of the I maze was to investigate the influence of habituation and drug treatments

I Maze

Circular Light-Dark box (CLDB) consists of a circular alley with an inner and outer wall that is a variant of the light dark box

Circular Light-Dark box

Triple Test Maze is an integration of three well-known tests of anxiety/emotionality

Triple Test Maze

Hoarding behavior has been described in many places in the literature, however this variant reviewed by Deacon (2012) is the standard offered by MazeEngineers

Hoarding Apparatus

Ladder Rewarded Elevated Plus Maze by Maze Engineers

Ladder Rewarded Elevated Plus Maze

Visual cliff test is used for visualization of preceived barriers

Visual Cliff Test

Successive alleys test is a novel anxiety test that utilizes fear of open spaces as an assay

Successive Alleys

MazeEngineers social defeat apparatus comes with two social defeat cages, an arena, and a clear divider for use in the home cage

Social Defeat Apparatus

Maze Engineers learned helplessness apparatus is designed to maximize your time

Learned Helplessness