Ant Y-maze is used for studying learning abilities of ants in context of navigation and foraging

Ant Visual Discrimination Y-Maze

Ant Sucrose Feeder 1

Ant sucrose feeder 2 is used to evaluate the collective path preference of ants in terms of distance and food source

Ant Sucrose Feeder 2

Ant Double Y-Maze

Ant Double Y-Maze

Diamond Maze was used in an experiment by Hassan M. H. Mustafa et al. (2018), to compare binary choice between two nests in ants

Diamond Maze

Ant Binary Tree Maze

Ant Y-maze as the name suggests is Y shaped, with two symmetrical arms and one longitudinal section

Ant Y Maze

Ant T-maze is used to evaluate the social, spatial, and cognitive behaviors of ants

Ant T maze

Ant Colony Maze

Ant Double Bifurcation T