The Spider Y Maze is a Y shaped chamber made of acrylic. It was used by Daiqin Li & Matthew L. M. Lim in a laboratory experiments to test the hypothesis that jumping spiders use UV cues for locating and discriminating prey.

In the experimental phase, a Portia is first put into the recovery chamber for 5 min to let it calm down and become quiescent in total darkness. The trial is then started  by removing a sliding door that separated Portia from the rest of the chamber. Portia could see both of the arms that contained the webs with stabilimenta and could move to one or other of them. Each trial ended either when Portia chose one of the two webs or when 30 min had elapsed, whichever came first.

Mazeengineers offers the Spider Y Maze.

Price & Dimensions

Spider Y Maze

$ 990

  • Length of recovery chamber: 5cm
  • Width of recovery chamber: 15cm
  • Length of viewing chamber: 15cm
  • Width of whole chamber: 15cm
  • Length of choice chamber: 15cm
  • Width of choice chamber: 15cm
  • Width of entrance: 1cm

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