The Plant/Insect Tube was used to test rhythms of volatile release from female and male sea buckthorn plants and electrophysiological response of sea buckthorn carpenter moths in an experiment.

The main chamber of the Y-tube olfactometer  was a bottomless cylindrical glass bottle with two test chamber bottomless cylindrical glass bottles as a unit. Two hollow glass balls containing the branches were connected to the end of each test chamber by a short cylindrical glass tunnel with a ground glass joint at the end, where the branches were put in.

Humidified air was pumped into the glass balls at a rate of 500 ml/min

Mazeengineers offers the Plant/Insect Tube.

Price & Dimensions

Plant/Insect Tube

$ 990

  • Length of main chamber: 30cm
  • Diameter of main chamber: 20cm
  • Length of two test chamber: 20cm
  • Diameter of two test chamber: 4.5cm
  • Diameter of two hollow glass balls: 10cm
  • Length of glass tunnel: 5cm
  • Diameter of glass tunnel: 4.7cm

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