Maze Engineers Conditioned Place Preference Kelsey
Conditioned Place Preference Kelsey 1994


Lesions of the dorsomedial amygdala, but not the nucleus accumbens, reduce the aversiveness of morphine withdrawal in rats (Kelsey 1994)



  • A 20 x 49 x 31-cm galvanized steel shuttle box.
  • The shuttle box was divided into two 20.0 x 24.3-cm interconnecting chambers by a metal partition which had a 7 x 8-cm arch flush with the floor.
  • One chamber was silver gray, had a steel mesh screen with 1 x 1-cm openings covering the grid floor.
  • The other chamber was painted black, had a grid floor of stainless steel grids 0.6 cm in diameter separated by 2 cm center to center running across the width of the chamber.

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