Zebrafish Automated Home Tank

Zebrafish Automated Home Tank

Zebrafish larvae Y maze

Zebrafish Larvae Y Maze

Automated Zebrafish T Maze

Maze Engineers Zebrafish Y Maze Flow Modification

Automated Avoidance Zebrafish Y-maze

Zebrafish 3 Chamber Social Behavior

Zebrafish_swim_tunnel_01__00005 (2019_02_08 19_22_31 UTC)

Zebrafish Swim Tunnel

latent learning apparatus is used to analyze the learning and memory function in zebrafish

Latent Learning Apparatus

Zebrafish plus maze is a “+” shaped maze that contains four end compartments and one central compartment

Zebrafish Plus Maze


Zebrafish Shuttle Box

MazeEngineers Light Dark Tank for Zebrafish is an acrylic tank

Zebrafish Light Dark

Zebrafish Black White Preference

Zebrafish Black White Preference

Zebrafish Sociability

Zebrafish Sociability

Mirror Biting Cattelan

Mirror Biting Pham

Zebrafish Environmental Enrichment Chamber

Zebrafish Environmental Enrichment Chamber

Zebrafish Y-Maze is an adaptation of the rodent Y-Maze

Zebrafish Y Maze Flow Modification

Triple Horizontal Bars Maze Engineers

Triple Horizontal Bars

Parallel Bars task is used in measuring and determining motor capabilities

Parallel Bars

Zebrafish Y Maze - Maze Engineers

Zebrafish Y Maze

Mirror Biting Elwood

Mirror Biting Balzarini tests are a popular method used in studies of agonistic interaction

Mirror Biting Balzarini

Mirror biting tests are used to assess the aggression displayed by fishes towards their interspecific and intraspecific opponents

Mirror Biting

Zebrafish Y maze combines an LCD screen underneath the main Y maze apparatus as described by Aoki et al (2014)

Zebrafish Y Maze Avoidance

Zebrafish bifurcating T maze has been described in the literature as a screening test for the role of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in Zebrafish

Zebrafish Bifurcating T Maze

zebrafish associative learning

Zebrafish Associative Learning

Maze Engineers Zebrafish Place Preference Test

Zebrafish Place Preference Test

Three-chamber paradigm is a widely used task to evaluate spatial and non-spatial learning as well as memory in zebrafish

Zebrafish 3 Chamber Choice

Novel tank diving anxiety test is used to assess the behavioral indicators of anxiety manifested by reduced exploration, increased freezing bouts, and erratic movement.

Zebrafish Vertical Tank Array

MazeEngineers Zebrafish choice chamber allows for experiments similar to the commonly used five-choice serial reaction time task (5-CSRTT)

Zebrafish 5 Choice

Zebrafish Rotation test apparatus is a circular container with transparent walls surrounded by a rotating acrylic drum

Zebrafish Rotation Test