The Two Choice T-Maze was used to asssess the replay of behavioral sequences in the hippocampus during sharp wave ripple complexes (SWRs) by Anoopum S. Gupta et al, (2010).

The maze is made of Acrylic , it consists of two t-mazes. It had two possible physical configurations

The task entailed three reward contingencies reflecting a decision made at the second choice point. Animals were trained to turn left at the final choice, right at the final choice, or to alternate on a lap-by-lap basis.

Mazeengineers offer the Two Choice T-Maze.

Price & Dimensions


$ 1890

+S&HLength of t-mazes: 60cm

Width of t-mazes: 26.6cm

Height of t-mazes: 40cm

Width of maze wall: 6.6cm

Height of maze wall: 20cm


$ 1990

+S&HLength of t-mazes: 90cm

Width of t-mazes: 40cm

Height of t-mazes: 60cm

Width of maze wall: 10cm

Height of maze wall: 30cm.

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