The Meadow Vole T Maze is a T shaped maze that was used to test the hypothesis that male meadow voles posses the capacity to recall the “what”, “where”, and “when” of a single past event associated with mate selection.

Two opaque Plexiglas cages with wired tops were used for observation purposes. Large boxes served to house the female donors. There was a transparent divider with small holes between the females’ living area and the area that males explored.  This divider allowed males to investigate the female’s living area without coming into direct contact with that female.

Mazeengineers offers the Meadow Vole T Maze.

Price & Dimensions

Meadow Vole T Maze

$ 1990

  • Length of maze stem: 90cm
  • Width of maze stem: 10cm
  • Length of maze arm: 30cm
  • Width of maze arm: 45cm
  • Width of male investigation area: 15cm
  • Width of female living area: 30cm
  • Width of middle chamber: 20cm
  • Distance between middle chamber and maze arm: 15cm

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