The Robotic cylindrical maze was developed in an experiment conducted by Alejandra Barrera et al. (2011),  to present a comparative analysis of spatial cognition in rats and robots by contrasting similar goal-oriented tasks.

During training, Hebbian learning and reinforcement learning, in the form of Actor-Critic architecture, enable robots to learn the optimal route leading to a goal from a designated fixed location in the maze.

During testing, robots exploit maximum expectations of reward stored within the previously acquired cognitive map to reach the goal from different starting positions.

Mazeengineers offers the robotic cylindrical maze for both mice and rats. Custom coloring and customization  are available upon request.

Price & Dimensions


$ 1690

  • Width: 70.4cm
  • Length: 63.7cm


$ 1790

  • Width: 105cm
  • Length: 95cm


$ 1790

  • Width: 210cm
  • Length: 180cm

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