The vertical maze apparatus has been defined in the literature for both infants as well as various species of primates. A reward is placed on the top level of the maze, and 10 gaps placed within 3 vertical levels of the maze are created to measure complex solving skills requiring predetermined sequences of actions. The MazeEngineers vertical maze apparatus allows you perform similar experiments.

Price and Size


$ 1290

Per Month
  • 67 (l) x 47cm (w) x 5cm (h)
  • Three horizontal levels
  • (10) Corridors: 5cm (l) x 3cm (w)  x 1.8cm (h)
  • (10) Posterior openings: 4.5cm (l) x 3.0cm (w)


Volter CJ, Call J. Younger apes and human children plan their moves in a maze task. Cognition 130 (2014) 186–203