Place preference conditioning reveals the involvement of D -dopamine receptors in the motivational properties of μ- and k-opioid agonists


An Examination of Heroin Conditioning in Preferred and Nonpreferred Environments and in Differentially Housed Mature and Immature Rats (Schenk 1985)
Differential Effects of Isolation Housing on the Conditioned Place Preference Produced by Cocaine and Amphetamine (Schenk 1986)



  • Acrylic box (56.5x 12.5×30 cm) with a removable Lucite top.
  • In one, the floor is made of acrylic wrapped in wire mesh and the walls should be constructed from sheet metal.
  • In the other, the floor is made of acrylic and the walls are acrylic painted with black stripes.
  • The floor of the apparatus should be balanced on a central dowel such that uneven weight distribution caused the depression of a microswitch which activated a timing mechanism.

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