The Cuttlefish T Maze is used to access spatial cognition in cuttlefish. It was created in an experiment by Christelle Jozet-Alves et al. (2008).

The apparatus consists of a white plastic tank with internal divisions forming a T-maze. The stem of the T serves as the start box and the identical arms of the T lead to the goal compartments.

The cuttlefish learns how to enter a dark and sandy goal compartment to escape from the light. Each trial allows only a single choice of direction (right or left arm).

In the experiment, if the cuttlefish entered the incorrect arm and consequently failed to reach the goal compartment, it was immediately removed and replaced in the start box.

Mazeengineers offer the Cuttlefish T-maze. Custom coloring and customization are available upon request.

Price & Dimensions

Cuttlefish T-Maze

$ 2490

Per Month
  • Length of plastic tank: 200cm
  • Width of plastic tank: 70cm
  • Height of plastic tank: 30cm 
  • Length of stem: 40cm
  • Width of stem: 40cm
  • Length of branched arms: 80cm
  • Width of branched arms: 30cm

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