The Mate Choice Apparatus 2 is the second of the two apparati used by Veronique Chantal et al. (2016), to show that male foraging efficiency, but not male problem-solving performance, influences female mating preferences in zebra finches.

Female mating preferences was measured with a classical binary choice apparatus that comprised three compartments. The observation compartment where the focal female could see both males simultaneously, the choice compartment where she could see only one stimulus male at a time and the male compartment divided into two identical chambers, each housing a single male.

Before the beginning of the experiment, males and females were placed individually in the apparatus during one hour for 10 days to become familiar with their environment.

Mazeengineers offers the Mate Choice Apparatus 2.

Price & Dimensions

Mate Choice Apparatus 2

$ 1990

  • Length of apparatus: 68cm
  • Width of apparatus: 68cm
  • Length of observation compartment: 12cm
  • Width of observation compartment: 22cm

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