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Ant Y-maze is used for studying learning abilities of ants in context of navigation and foraging

Ant Visual Discrimination Y-Maze

The Ant Visual Discrimination Y-Maze creates a simple two-choice environment to allow the evaluation of foraging behaviors in the presence of different visual cues.

Ant Sucrose Feeder 1

The Ant sucrose feeder is used to analyze the effects of private and social information on the decision-making of ants during foraging.

Ant sucrose feeder 2 is used to evaluate the collective path preference of ants in terms of distance and food source

Ant Sucrose Feeder 2

The ant sucrose feeder is used to evaluate the collective path preference of ants in terms of distance and food source.

Ant Double Y-Maze

Ant Double Y-Maze

The Ant Double Y-maze is used to study decision-making and lateralized behaviors of ants. Learn more about the behavioral outcomes and how the maze is used in experiments.

Diamond Maze was used in an experiment by Hassan M. H. Mustafa et al. (2018), to compare binary choice between two nests in ants

Diamond Maze

Ant Binary Tree Maze

The Mazeengineers binary tree maze comes with both the tree as well as the artificial ant nest. The binary tree comes with 4 forks.

Ant Y-maze as the name suggests is Y shaped, with two symmetrical arms and one longitudinal section

Ant Y Maze

Discover the benefits of our user-friendly Ant Y maze utilizing it for the evaluating of the olfactory learning and memory behaviour in ants.

Ant T-maze is used to evaluate the social, spatial, and cognitive behaviors of ants

Ant T maze

The Ant T Maze can be used for stress less assessing of cognitive and behavioural functions of ants.

Ant Colony Maze

Request the Ant Colony Maze and use it in your studies for increasing levels of complexity of the foraging of food within an open field.

Ant Double Bifurcation T

With help of the Multiple T Maze you can effectively run complex tests to assess the reference and working memory and learning abilities of rodents.

Radial Arm Water Maze

Morris Water Maze radial arm maze inserts with 8 arm, 6 arm 4 arm designs. Create a closed spatial navigation task with water aversion.

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