The Rotatable Table Y Maze is a purpose-built automated Y-maze apparatus placed on a rotatable table elevated 1 m above the floor. It can be used for different test including test for appetitive conditioning, cue and studies that have to do with lesions of different parts of the brain.

The maze consists of a central, white PVC floored compartment in the shape of an equilateral triangle, and three connecting chambers identical in size and other physical features.

An archway served as the entrance to each chamber, and could be closed off with a manually operated guillotine door.

Mazeengineers offers the Rotatable Table Y Maze.

Price & Dimensions


$ 1890

  • Sides of PVC floored compartment: 25.3cm
  • Length of connecting chambers: 25.3cm
  • Width of connecting chambers: 25.3cm
  • Height of connecting chambers: 13.3cm
  • Height of archway: 6.6cm
  • Width of archway: 5.9cm


$ 1990

  • Sides of PVC floored compartment: 38.1cm
  • Length of connecting chambers: 38.1cm
  • Width of connecting chambers: 38.1cm
  • Height of connecting chambers: 20cm
  • Height of archway: 10cm
  • Width of archway: 9cm

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