Planaria Y maze is a laboratory apparatus used in experiments to study the behavior and memory of flatworms, such as Planaria.

The maze consists of a Y-shaped channel with three branches, and the planaria are placed at the base of the Y. The experiment aims to observe the planaria’s ability to navigate the maze and find its way to a food source or specific endpoint. By tracking the planaria’s movements and measuring the time it takes to reach the endpoint, researchers can study the flatworm’s learning, memory, and problem-solving abilities.

MazeEngineers offers the Planaria Y Maze.

Price & Dimensions


$ 390

One maze
  • Base arm of Y
    • Width: 2 Inches
    • Length: 4 Inches
    • Height: 3 Inches
  • Top Branches of Y
    • Width: 2 inches
    • Length: 3 inches
    • Height: 3 Inches
Abbott, S., & Wong, G. (2008). The Conditioning and Memory Retention of Planaria (Dugesia tigrina) for Directional Preferences. Bios, 79(4), 160-170. Retrieved from