The Pig Mirror can be used in various experiments about awareness, cognition and learning. It was used in an experiment by to prove that pigs learn what a mirror image represents and use it to obtain information.

During the experiment, when put in a pen with a mirror in it, young pigs made movements while apparently looking at their image. After 5 h spent with a mirror, the pigs were shown a familiar food bowl, visible in the mirror but hidden behind a solid barrier. Seven out of eight pigs found the food bowl in a mean of 23 s by going away from the mirror and around the barrier. Naıave pigs shown the same looked behind the mirror.

Mazeengineers offers the Pig Mirror.

Price & Dimensions

Pig Mirror

$ 2290

  • Length of mirror: 0.6m
  • Width of mirror: 0.7m
  • Length of frame: 1.2m
  • Width of frame: 1.4m
  • Length of barrier: 1.7m
  • Height of barrier: 1.4m

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