The Olfactory Discrimination Test Box is used to study learning and memory behaviors in rodents when presented with odor stimulus.

The Olfactory Discrimination Test Box is a clear, rectangular acrylic box divided into three equal compartments separated by acrylic doors that will contain the mouse in the center compartment. It has openings that allowed the mouse to move into the two end compartments.

Mazeengineers offer the Olfactory Discrimination Test Box.

Price & Dimensions


$ 1890

  • Length of box: 69cm
  • Width of box: 20cm
  • Height of box: 20cm
  • Length of opening: 6cm
  • Width of opening: 5.5cm


$ 1990

  • Length of box: 91.7cm
  • Width of box: 26.6cm
  • Height of box: 26.6cm
  • Length of opening: 7.9cm
  • Width of opening: 7.3cm

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