The Four Arms Plus Maze is a plus shaped maze. It was used by Rory D. Spence et al. (2009), to test for motor and cognitive functions after cerebellar lesions in a songbird.

The maze was manufactured with a white acrylic frame covered by aluminum screen.

Although the birds could fly in the maze, subjects typically hopped through the maze in search of food. Removable cardboard flaps were inserted about into the arms to prevent the bird’s entry into the arms of the maze at the start of each trail. These were removed to initiate trials.

Mazeengineers offers the Four Arms Plus Maze.

Price & Dimensions

Four Arms Plus Maze

$ 1990

  • Total length and width of maze: 101.6cm
  • Height of maze: 45.7cm
  • Width of arms: 10.2cm
  • Diameter of feeding cups: 6cm
  • Height of feeding cups: 3cm

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