The Double Y Angulated Maze consist of two Y mazes joined at the end of each tail. It was used in a study to test whether the hippocampus is essential for vicarious trial-and-errors (VTEs) in a spatial memory task and in simple visual discrimination (VD) task by David Bett et al. (2012).

The Y-maze was constructed of acrylic and comprised a start box, two choice boxes, and four goal boxes, connected with alleyways. Each of the boxes was octagonal.

Rats were first started on a food deprivation schedule and handled for 5 min/day for 3 days prior to initial maze training. Then rats were trained to run from the start area on the maze and find the location of food rewards in one of the four goal boxes.

Mazeengineers offers the Double Y-maze for both mice and rats. Custom coloring and customization are available upon request.

Price & Dimensions


$ 1800

  • Distance between opposite edges: 17cm
  • Height: 20cm
  • Length of alleyways: 17cm
  • Width of alleyways: 5cm
  • Height of alleyways: 7cm


$ 1900

  • Distance between opposite edges: 25cm
  • Height: 30cm
  • Length of alleyways: 25cm
  • Width of alleyways: 8cm
  • Height of alleyways: 10cm

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