Dopaminergic Substrates of Amphetamine-Induced Place Preference Conditioning (Spyraki 1982)
Cocaine-Induced Place Preference Conditioning: Lack of Effects of Neuroleptics and 6-Hydroxydopamine Lesions (Spyraki 1982)
Attenuation of Heroin Reward in Rats by Disruption of the Mesolimbic Dopamine System (Spyraki 1983)
Diazepam-induced place preference conditioning: Appetitive and antiaversive properties* (Spyraki 1985)



  • This apparatus consisted of a rectangular aluminum shuttlebox (80 × 25 × 36 cm) divided into 3 compartments.
  • Two large compartments (34 x 25 cm) were separated by guillotine doors from a small central area (11 × 25 cm)
  • One compartment has a grid floor and black walls.
  • The other has a mesh floor (1.2 cm squares) and white walls.

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