Aversion instead of preference learning indicated by nicotine place conditioning in rats (Jorenby 1990)



  • Each conditioning chamber measured 38 cm long × 24 cm wide x 23 cm high, while the center chamber was 10 cmx 24 cm x 23 cm.
  • Each section of the apparatus was covered with a translucent red Plexiglas cover; the cover of the center chamber had four holes 1.2 cm in diameter bored through it.
  • Guillotine doors on either side of the center chamber with approx. 10 cm x 10 cm apertures.
  • One chamber (A) should have flooring consisting of metal bars spaced 1 cm apart, with smooth metal walls.
  • The other conditioning chamber (B) should have metal mesh flooring (hardware cloth) of 1.2 cm squares, and acrylic strips (19 cm x 1.2 cm x 0.5 cm) glued to the walls every 3.5 cm in a vertical position.
  • The center chamber had smooth walls and a 0.6 cm square mesh grid floor.

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