Conditioned Place Preference Hoffman 1988


Selective D1 and D2 Dopamine Agonists Produce Opposing Effects in Place Conditioning but not in Conditioned Taste Aversion Learning (Hoffman 1988)



  • Acrylic with removable cover
  • Size (84x27x36 cm)
  • Two compartments: 38× 27 x 36 cm
    • Compartment 1: painted brown and has a mesh (1 cm squares) floor.
    • Compartment 2: vertical black and white stripes (1 cm wide) with a grid (1 cm between grids) floor
  • Middle tunnel 8x8x8 cm
  • 2 Acrylic guillotine doors.



Floors of the boxes can be positioned on a fulcrum, and microswitch underneath detects weight for automated counting of choice chamber entry

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