Conditioned place preference and locomotor activation produced by injection of psychostimulants into ventral pallidum (Gong 1996b)
6-Hydroxydopamine lesion of ventral pallidum blocks acquisition of place preference conditioning to cocaine (Gong 1997b)
Locomotor Response to Novelty Does Not Predict Cocaine Place Preference Conditioning in Rats (Gong 1996a)



  • The CPP test was performed in opaque Plexiglas chambers (80 X 25 X 35 cm) divided into three separate compartments.
  • The two main compartments (34 X 25 cm).
  • The neutral compartment (11 X 25 cm) had sheet aluminum flooring and gray walls.
  • One of the main compartments had black walls and a floor of 6.4 mm dia. metal rods spaced 25 mm apart.
  • The other had white walls and metal mesh floor (6.4 mm spacing of 1 mm dia. wires).

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